World Bank feels an investment in women home-based cardamom workers is beneficial for future

World Bank reports have shown the urgency to invest in women home-based workers who play a crucial role in the production of large cardamom in order to boost its productivity in Nepal.

According to the report titled ‘Understanding the role of women home-based workers in the value chain of large cardamom and also (Himalayan nettle) in Nepal’ the women in Nepal play a crucial role in nurturing and harvesting the crop before it reaches the market.

It also shows that the production of large cardamom is one of the major sources of livelihood generation of woman home-based workers. The report reads, “Support to women-based or women-oriented institutions in large cardamom will help build their capacity and ability to negotiate better in the global market place.”

The consultation focuses on entrepreneurship for women in Nepal’s large cardamom value chain and also explores opportunities in India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Usha Jha, a member at the National Planning Commission said, “Nepal can provide a platform for the neighboring countries growing this highly valued spice to enlarge the pie and seek new markets in South East Asia.”

According to a World Bank study in 2018 by HomeNet South Asia, the cash crop has a lucrative market and the income that is generated have made contributions to improving the lives of the women involved. Faris H. Hadad Zervos, country manager of World Bank for Nepal said, “Putting in place a system of gender-disaggregated and gender-specific data collection; introducing women-friendly technology and tools for production and processing and supporting women’s institution building for skill enhancement and marketing will go a long way in ensuring effective and appropriate returns to investment in the cardamom industry.”

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