Workshop on family planning takes place in Kathmandu

Workshop on family planning takes place in Kathmandu

An advocacy diffusion workshop on family planning took place in the capital. The five-day events will advise for the delivery of transformative health care solutions for reproductive health and family planning in the Asia Region.

The workshop includes representatives from the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Kenya, and the United States. The participants will discuss issues of family planning.

Family planning

The workshop which is organized by Jhpiego, a non-profit organization, aims to advocate reproductive health and family planning for the healthier future of women and their families.

On the first day, the participants discussed ways to work with the government, health experts and local communities. They focused on enhancing health service providers’ skills and developing a healthy support system to save the lives of the disadvantaged people.

The workshop further paid heed to the need to seek government support to address issues related to family planning, including budgetary issues. They also discussed the future course of action to strengthen the accessibility and availability of family planning services.


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