VNY promotional centers to be established in Nepali embassies

VNY promotional centers to be established in Nepali embassies

The Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign committee has determined to set VNY promotional centers in all the Nepali embassies over the world to assist the campaign. For this drive the VNY secretariat today signed an agreement with the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) to work collectively.

According to the agreement, NRNA will maintain the human resources for the promotional centers. The agreement was acknowledged between VNY Campaign Coordinator Suraj Vaidya and lately selected President of NRNA, Kumar Panta along with Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai and other stakeholders.

The agreement furthermore states that NRNA will conduct ‘Spend Holiday in Nepal with Family and Friends’ program over the world with the support of NRNA members. Besides, based on the agreement one non-resident Nepali will send at least one foreign friend to travel to Nepal in the year 2020.

While, the VNY secretariat will assist NRNA in organizing the association’s formal seminars, workshops, and other programs in Nepal throughout 2020. Likewise, the NRNA will conduct car and cycle rallies in major cities over the world promoting Nepali destinations. Further, Nepali products will be promoted in respective hotels, firms, restaurants, and shops of NRNs.

As the VNY campaign committee has declared to bring international diplomats for the inauguration of VNY in January next year, NRNA has signed an agreement establishing a commitment to take necessary actions to send representatives from the respective countries they are residing in at present.

Speaking at the agreement-signing ceremony, VNY Coordinator Vaidya said that the campaign committee will shortly visit Australia, London, and Malaysia for the campaign promotion.

He said they have a lot of things to do in this short period of time. And their secretariat is hoping for support from all stakeholders to make this campaign successful, He added that it would be better to promote the good things about the country rather than posting and commenting on bad aspects of the country on social media. He further assured to make the VNY campaign victorious.

While Tourism Minister Bhattarai has asked the VNY committee and NRNA to carry over result-oriented programs and promised them that the government will take necessary actions to assist them.

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