Visit Nepal 2020 promoted in Serbia

Visit Nepal 2020 promoted in Serbia

Nepali delegations at Belgrade engaging in the 141st Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Serbia have asked fellow parliamentarians of 170 countries to attend Nepal in 2020.

The 8-member-Nepali delegation headed by National Assembly (NA) Chairperson Ganesh Prasad Timilsina includes NA members Khim Lal Bhattarai and Badri Prasad Pandey, and members of the House of Representatives Dev Prasad Gurung, Indu Kumari Sharma and Ruhi Naaz.

Furthermore, General-Secretary of the Federal Parliament Secretariat Manohar Prasad Bhattarai and NA Secretary Rajendra Phuyal are also competing in the event from Nepal.

The delegations of Nepali parliamentarians distributed Visit Nepal 2020 promotional materials created by the government of Nepal.
Parliamentarian Indu Kumari Sharma told RSS that they gave out the promotional materials to 11 associate members participating in the Assembly as well.

On the occasion, NA Chairperson Timilsina shed light on the government’s campaign to attract 2 million foreign tourists to Nepal in 2020.

Besides, he stretched out an open invitation to all the participants of the event to visit Nepal. The event that started on October 13 will continue till October 17.

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