Uber’s air taxi services in Melbourne

Uber’s air taxi services in Melbourne

Uber’s air taxi services are all set to create a way in Australian skies. Uber plans to release its pilot project in Melbourne apart from US cities, Los Angeles and Dallas.

The company chose Australia because of its friendly skies and open minds to take non-traditional transport systems.

“Australian authorities have adopted a forward-looking strategy to ridesharing and future transport technology. This, coupled with Melbourne’s unique demographic & geospatial factors and culture of innovation & technology, makes Melbourne the perfect third launch city for Uber Air,” stated Susan Anderson, General Manager, Uber Australia, and New Zealand.

The long-term vision is for secure, quiet electric aircraft that transports tens of thousands of people across towns for the same price as an UberX journey over the same distance, reads Uber’s website.

The trial will be conducted in association with experienced Australian companies, for example, Melbourne Airport for Infrastructure and Telecommunications Help, Macquarie, Scentre Group and Telstra.

Test flights in Melbourne will start from 2020, while commercial operations begin in 2023. Anderson also exposed plans to take test flight plans to other Australian towns.


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