Two bills passed in National Assembly meeting

Two bills passed in National Assembly meeting

Today’s National Assembly meeting has moved two bills concurrently. The meeting moved ‘Policy Research Foundation Bill’ and ‘Revenue Leakage First Amendment Bill’, presented by Dr.YubrajKhatiwada the Finance Minister on the behalf of the PM.

Furthermore, the meeting also determined to send Nepal Special Service Bill to the Management Committee for clause-wise discussion.
Earlier, reacting to the queries put by lawmakers on Policy Research Foundation Bill, Minister Dr.Khatiwada said that questions asked in the parliament could be inscribed through amendment. He displayed the belief that the Foundation Bill would be useful to make the country’s strategic relation, foreign policy, and launch development work efficiently.

While ‘Railway Bill’ has been tabled in today’s meeting. Minister Dr.Khatiwada tabled the bill on the behalf of the Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport.
The next NA meeting has been scheduled for January 12.

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