The UNHRC has urged the Nepal government to criminalize torture

The UNHRC has urged the Nepal government to criminalize torture

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has asked Nepal government to criminalize torture with penalties and solutions corresponding with the importance of such crimes and review the ordinances of the condition at level with international standard.

Acknowledging to a petition filed by a forced labor and torture victim with the aid from TRIAL International, the human rights commission also urged the government to guarantee that the victims of the required labor and torture can easily file their accusations.

Bholi Pharaka, a name provided by the TRIAL, who was serving as domestic support for a Nepal Army officer in 2010 was limited to work from 4 am to 10 pm without any payment, as per a report by the board.

The 14-year boy from the Tharu community ultimately left to his hometown, but he was held in August 2012 following he was arrested of stealing gold and other valuables from his employer.

Despite comprising a minor, Pharaka was held in arrest with other detainees, rather of transferring him to juvenile correctional center. Pharaka was released after a judgment from the Supreme Court on June 2013.


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