The Nepal Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association was held in Kathmandu

The Nepal Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association was held in Kathmandu

On Saturday, The Nepal Chapter of Indian Institute of Mass Communication Alumni Association’s first conference was held in Kathmandu.

The conference, titled ‘Connections 2019’, was held by the newly formed Nepal Chapter. Discussing the conference, Manjeev Singh Puri, the representative of India for Nepal, stated that Nepal and India have a related history of civilization and maintain a similar ideology.

The purpose of mass media has grown more influential than politics and tact to manage friendly relations within the two countries, stated the ambassador.

“The institution is preparing to impart post-graduate education,” Kuldip Singh Dhatwalia, the director-general of IIMC stated.

IIMC added, “More than 2,700 Nepalis have already received training and education from the institution.”

IIMC was founded in 1965, is deemed one of the leading institutions of mass communication in South Asia. Its Alumni Association was founded in 2012.
Anil Giri, chairman of the Nepal Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association, stated, “Though there has been a delay in forming the association, I express my commitment to carry out the creative works in the coming days.”

The association will perform a significant role in taking Indo-Nepal relationships to a distinct height, told Sharas Chandra Bhandari, a member of the working committee of Alumni Nepal Chapter.

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