The inauguration of the 38th Executive Committee meeting of CITYNET commenced today

The inauguration of the 38th Executive Committee meeting of CITYNET commenced today

Climate variation was the primary topic of discussion in the press meet held today on the initiation of the 38th Executive Committee meeting of CITYNET and an international seminar on Heritage and Sustainable Tourism.

The meeting which is to be carried from November 6 to 8, was hosted by one of the members of CITYNET Lalitpur Metropolitan City, an organization of the municipalities of the Asia Pacific region which is serving in the field of sustainable urban development.

Founded in 1987, CITYNET boasts of 135 municipalities, NGOs and international organizers working together to build resilient and sustainable cities.
The press meet was headed by General Secretary of CITYNET, Vijay Jagannathan and Lalitpur Metropolitan City’s Mayor, Chiribabu Maharjan.

General Secretary Jagannath said “It may sound like a story of a science-fiction movie, but if we aren’t serious about climate change, there is a huge risk for more destruction,” He shared that one of the main agenda of the organization is to correlate the local government and stakeholders of the member cities and municipalities for proper management aiming for sustainable development.

Talking about the viable ways of decreasing the carbon footprint through options like carpooling, share riding, use of electric vehicles and waste management, General Secretary expressed that the definition of prosperity should be held towards the direction of climate-friendly development.
Keeping in mind the impact of single-use plastics, the organizers of the press meet served water in steel jars instead of plastic bottles.

While Mayor Maharjan who shared that his office was concerned about the implications of climate variation stated that the Metropolitan City is making a series of policies as an effort from their side to resist climate change.

Maharjan said “We are planting more trees and building green parks to make our area greener,”
Speaking about the feasible ways of decreasing carbon emissions from vehicles, Maharjan shared that Lalitpur Metropolitan City is spending in buying electric vehicles and is planning to construct bicycle lanes, and in addition, garden and parks in every ward for increasing open spaces.

As many as 88 foreign delegates, including 14 mayors and heads of various international organizations and 43 local delegates are engaging in the program.
Following the press meet, Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun inaugurated the formal meeting of CITYNET at Patan Durbar Square.

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