The Government has continued its efforts to shut down Analog cable Television

The Government has continued its efforts to shut down Analog cable Television

The government has continuous their endeavours to shut down Analog cable Television (TV) in the entire of the country. On Chaitra 5, 2075, Government raided two cable TV in Sunsari District for possible analog TV broadcast. Where one of them was still found to use Analog TV broadcasting, so that they confiscated the equipment.

According to National Broadcasting regulation, 2052, all the Analog TV broadcast will migrate to Digital means. Government (Ministry of Communication and Information technology) has published the details on Falgun 6, 2075 in Gorkhapatra daily to shut down the Analog TV broadcasting. At this time there, they also cautioned to confiscate the analog tools in case discovered operating, before taking legal action.

Ministry carried out the field investigation on Chaitra 5, 2075 in two cable stations of Sunsari district. Those cable service providers are Dharan Cable TV Network Pvt. Ltd. and Pashupati Cable Network Pvt. Ltd. Out of them, they identified Dharan Cable to use analog TV broadcasting. Therefore, they confiscated the analog equipment and start the legal action to the company.

Before, Government had shutdown Analog Cable TV in Kathmandu along with other leading cities. And now they are definitely putting their efforts to discontinue Analog TV in the entire of Nepal.

With the Digital TV, Government will have more incomes out of the tax for Digital broadcasting subscription. Presently, in case a home has several connections from an Analog connection, that they were paying from a single subscription. However if the connectivity goes digital, each TV connection needs an individual subscription . Which would ultimately enhance the revenues for the cable TV operators and the Government.

The digital TV broadcast has got advantages to the customer itself in terms of better TV experience, value addition and the personal choice of TV channels. Different kind of subscription for TV package bundle with or without HD channels plus Catch up TV would certainly benefit subscribers.

More features are :
Enhanced picture & audio quality.
Value addition with distant learning, videochat, games etc.
HD to 4K TV broadcasting.
Hassle-free payment from digital wallets.
As the Government has beefed up this effort, the Analog TV shutdown in Nepal will happen very soon.


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