The Government has banned the Communist Party of Nepal

The Government has banned the Communist Party of Nepal

Following a number of explosions that occurred at Ncell towers and other public places across the nation, the government has barred the Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chand.

The Cabinet conference conducted in Baluwatar late this evening made the decision to ban the Chand-led CPN and its ‘criminal’ activities, a senior minister informed THT after the meeting.

In accordance with him, the government has made a decision that the Chand-led group has been engaging in criminal activities by detonating bombs at infrastructure projects and disturbing peace and security.

“Who have they been fighting for? Are they fighting against democratic federal republic or is there any regressive force ?” the minister wondered even while justifying the move to ban the party.

As the party has been indulging in terrorist activities, while there is no way to deal with it politically, the minister included. “The government can’t accept their parallel structures,” he stated, including that the Chand-led party would need to surrender to the government.

During the meeting, Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa briefed the Cabinet that the Som Prasad Pandey-led speaks team failed to hold dialogue with the CPN.

The party had not answered to the government discussions team even though release of their leaders, including Spokesperson Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma, a minister quoted Thapa as saying.

After imposing ban on CPN, Thapa left for Austria late in the evening to attend the 62nd session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs scheduled to take place in Vienna on March 14, a Cabinet source stated.

The government had banned the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal via an ordinance during the armed battle in 2002. Thapa and Chand were CPN-M leaders then.

Senior leaders of the CPN have reported to be gone underground even while its cadres have been participated in violent activities. Chand later enrolled with Mohan Baidhya-led Nepal Communist Party- Maoist (Revolutionary) however later on parted ways with Baidhya.

Chairperson of Nepal Communist Party-Maoist Centre Gopal Kirati stated the government must withdraw their decision to ban CPN along with the Chand-led party must accept hold discussions with the government.


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