The flood had been a thousand Houses Destroyed in Southeast Nepal

The flood had been a thousand Houses Destroyed in Southeast Nepal

Possibly, paddy cultivated in 150 hectares, maize in 20 hectares and green vegetables and fruits in 50 hectares were spoiled. The overall damage incurred to vegetables including paddy, money crops and to poultry is worth Rs. 50 billion.

Matihari, Jaleswar, Balawa, Loharpatti , Bhangaha municipalities and Ekdara, Mahottari and Pipara rural municipalities were severely influenced by floods.

Many fish ponds are inundated whilst poultry and poultry feed were damaged.

Almost, 5,000 farmers have been directly afflicted and they have called for relief help from the government such as waiving of farming loan and free seeds, among others.

A complete of 4,571 houses are completely affected by floods in Mahottari. Similarly, 7, 963 houses suffered partial and 5,847 minor damage because of floods triggered by the monsoon rainfall, based on the District Natural Calamity Relief Committee. Additionally, nearly 40 villages in Leuri of Balawa municipality, Jaleswor municipality, Matihani municipality, and Loharpatti municipality are actually inundated by floodwater from the Rato, Maraha, Bigni and Jangwa rivers. A complete of around 200,000 people have been affected.


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