The finally Indian Election ended. After Indian elections, Modi is believed to win again

The finally Indian Election ended. After Indian elections, Modi is believed to win again

The voting period in the elections in India which took place at the marathon finally ended on Sunday ( 5/19 ). 

Election analysis was won by a government alliance led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who won a majority in parliament. 
When the last polling station was closed in all parts of India, security forces worked harder to secure the voting equipment and ballot boxes used in the election. 

Elections in India take place in seven stages which last for five weeks. With a lot of voters at home and abroad, the election was held in stages, starting from April 11 to May 19. 
Voting in India has gone from conventional methods to using paper, now using electronic gadgets. The vote count will begin on Thursday ( 23/5). The number of voters in India reached 900 million people who made the biggest election event in the world. 

Although the vote count has not begun, several exit polls released by Indian mass media predict Modi along with his political parties, the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) and his coalition will control a majority of the 545 seats in parliament. 
The number of seats obtained by Modi’s National Democratic Alliance ( NDA ) is 287 seats and then the opposition party leader Congress. 

The minimum number of at least 272 parliamentarians is required by a party to govern. 

In the course of the 2019 Indian Election, several criticisms were addressed to Modi at the start of the campaign, such as failing to create new jobs for teenagers, prices of agricultural products were weak, and allegedly tight general elections against the Congress party as the main opposition. 

But Modi uses support from Hindu nationalist regions. He also turned the campaign into a struggle for national security after tensions escalated with Pakistan and attacks on critics of his main rival who was judged soft against the old enemy of India


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