The committee unlikely to prescribe legal action

The committee unlikely to prescribe legal action

A five-member probe committee established by the Department of Tourism to investigate lapses on the part of Everest Panorama Resort in Daman is estimated to make its report public without supporting legal action against the resort owner or staffers for negligence.

As per the sources, the probe committee has not held the hotel responsible for any kind of negligence in this case.

Eight Indian tourists from Kerala had lost their lives due to suffocation caused by a gas heater inside a room in Everest Panorama Resort on January 21.

The committee is presenting its report to the government tomorrow.Sources at the Department of Tourism informed that in spite the panel had not found the resort liable for any kind of negligence, it might suggest action against the resort owner for operating the resort without registering with the government bodies SurendraThapa, co-coordinator of the probe committee told THT, “We have found some lapses on the part of management team, but the guests themselves are more responsible for this unfortunate incident as they had forced the hotel staffers to take the gas heater inside the hotel room despite frequent requests of hotel staffers.”

Earlier, the deceased relatives had filed an FIR with Nepal Police charging an investigation into the case. However, Nepal police are yet to launch a full-fledged investigation into the case.Police said they could not investigate until they had a copy of the final autopsy report.

Though, the Department of Forensic Science, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, said that the final autopsy report had previously been prepared and they could provide it to police if required.Quoting the report, Chief of the Department of Forensic Science TulsiKandel said that the tourists died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sushil Singh Rathaur, the Senior Superintended of Police head of Makawanpur District Police, where the incident took place stated, “We believe that it was an accident and the relatives of the deceased have also not accused any hotel staffer in the FIR. So we are in no position to take any legal action against the resort or its staffers.”

Security experts despite say that police can take action against the hotel in-charge of negligence. Police are also expected to launch a precise investigation since it is a government case.

“Action will be taken against the resort for sure since it was not registered with DoT, and it lacked basic safety measures,” said Director-General of DoT DandurajGhimire. According to DoT regulations, a resort must have air conditioners, smoke detectors and proper ventilation in all the rooms and a well-trained staffs. Ghimire said that the hotel lacked all these basic amenities.

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