Taliban suicide bombing, 48 killed 80 injured in Afghan

Taliban suicide bombing, 48 killed 80 injured in Afghan

On Tuesday, two Taliban suicide bombings where one targeted President Ashraf Ghani’s election rally in northern Parwan, and the other one in PD 9th of Kabul city. About 48 people were killed, and 80 others wounded, officials said.

“An explosives-laden motorcycle targeted Ghani’s election rally in Charakar, the capital city of Parwan province,” Ministry of Interior Spokesman, Nasrat Rahimi said.

“Four among the 26 dead were Afghan security forces,” the spokesman stated, further adding another 42 were wounded, along with women and children.

The attack happened when President Ghani was giving a speech.
Soon following Parwan, Kabul, the capital city was hit by a suicide bombing and 22 civilians killed and 38 injured.

Ministry of Interior announced that six in 22 dead were Afghan National Defense and Security Forces members that effected by a suicide bombing occurred near Massoud Square in PD 9th.

Taliban vowed to proceed fighting and to target election rallies after President Trump revoked peace agreement with them when a US soldier among 12 innocent Afghans was killed in a car bombing in Kabul claimed by Taliban group.

Since the Taliban period and again shown willingness for the resumption of peace talks.

However, the Taliban’s attacks in Kabul and Parwan was denounced from Afghan leaders to foreign nations and politicians.

President Ghani tweeted that, “Kabul was also hit by a coward enemy and again the target was civilian lives. I offer my heartfelt condolences to victims of today’s tragedies in Kabul and Parwan and pray for the speedy recovery of those who were wounded. We stand united in this hour of grief.”

“Today’s Taliban attack on election rally at Parwan showed despicable disregard for civilian life and fundamental human right to participate in the democratic process. Such attacks, with scores of civilian casualties, are a violation of international law,” UNAMA wrote in the Twitter.

This occurs as the Afghan government insisted over timely handling of the presidential election that slated for 28 September, and the Taliban urged Afghans to control from voting.

The Afghan security agencies guaranteed increasing security for the Afghans to vote in a nonviolent atmosphere.

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