Students condemn for cancelling their exams

Students condemn for cancelling their exams

Students in Nepal’s Province 2 hit the streets to protest after their exams got cancel out on Friday.

Reportedly, the question paper of Social Studies which had been scheduled to be held on Friday was leaked on Thursday evening which prompted the authorities to cancel the exam.

“It is simply the gimmickry to cancel the exam. We desire our rights, our exams have gone good. If they want to cancel the exam then they must cancel out that of C. Math’s or else of whole Nepal,” One of the protesting student from Birgunj informed ANI.

In the meantime, a preliminary investigation carried out by the government has pointed out the Center’s involvement in the incident, the State Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Gyandendra Yadav said.

“In our preliminary investigation, now we have discovered that the question leak is not done from the Province no. 2. Simply because we send the questions an hour before the exam to the centre that is generally controlled by the security officials. However these relevant questions were released last night; there is doubt over teachers of Province no. 2 behind the incident which is dismissed. All 8 district security authorities had probed over it which clearly signifies that no such incidents were performed by the Province- 2. This clearly shows that the SEE question out is made from the centre and there lies conspiracy inside it and an attempt to defame the province 2 is being made,” stated Gyanendra Yadav.

At the same time, the central government has also started a probe into the incident. The Central Investigation Bureau will investigate the irregularities committed during this year’s SEE (Secondary Education Examination), including the leakage of question papers before the examinations.


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