Start-ups have Found a Way to Nepal. How Will it Affect the Lifestyle Here?

Start-ups have Found a Way to Nepal. How Will it Affect the Lifestyle Here?

In public image, Nepal is portrayed to be a nation heavily dependent on its neighbours–China and India–for everything. Though it may have some substance to it, Nepal does not want to keep it true for much long.

Start-ups are leading a way for Nepal. Since 2015, the tiny nation is making room for start-ups and thriving for something of their own. In five years, almost 350 start ups have been on the roll out and not to forget that 2015 was the year when Nepal had witnessed one of the most deadly earthquakes in the history of this country.

A lot of youngsters, having studied abroad, are returning to their homeland hoping to work in their country and make a name for it. One of such youngsters is Meena Gurung, the 28-year-old was keen to create her own eco-friendly clothing brand. She completed her studies in Ireland with a four year course in fashion designing and followed her dream led her to start Bora Studio.

As she talks to one of the news outlets, she says, “I always thought that we must make use of what we have and produce things of the highest quality,” Gurung said. “I want Nepal to have its own identity and become self-reliant.”

It is one of the many start-ups that Nepal has witnessed in the last five years. In 2015, after the earthquake, India had also turned its back on Nepal with a blockade at a crucial crossing on the border with India, which has halted oil and other essential supplies landlocked Nepal obtains from its giant neighbor. This was the year when Nepalese entrepreneurs decided to narrow down the reliance on imports from other countries and use what is available within the country. The people who started these businesses are aged between 28-35. Rising start-up brands include coffee chain Red Mud Coffee, e-commerce platform Foodmandu and ride-sharing app Tootle. Nepalese population, especially the young lot, want to be self reliant and limit the foreign interference till the investment. This is a standard way of lifestyle that they want for themselves; it is slowly being accepted among everyone. They want this independence for themselves and this new sense of freedom has become a part of the lifestyle in this himalayan nation.

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