SSF asks business representing bodies to register their members

SSF asks business representing bodies to register their members

The representing bodies of various businesses have been urged by the Social Security Fund (SSF) to register their members at the SSF as early as feasible.

The SSF has drafted letters to the umbrella bodies of various businesses to secure that their members are enrolled at the SSF following a vast bulk of firms failed to register themselves with the fund within the assigned deadline of October 23. As a result, the government has previously stretched the deadline for firms to register their details and that of their employees at the SSF to November 26.

Kapil Mani Gyawali executive director of SSF stated that “Basically those firms that are either not paying minimum wage to their employees or giving too high salaries are seen unwilling to register under SSF,”

According to him, though almost 9,000 firms have registered at SSF so far, many small firms, as well as big corporate houses, are yet to register themselves.

SSF has urged business representing bodies like Nepal Bankers’ Association, Confederation of Nepalese Industries, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Private and Boarding Schools’ Association of Nepal and Higher Institutions and Secondary School’s Association of Nepal, among others to assure their members are registered with SSF within the designated period of time.

Gyawali said that the government will take required action based on the law if firms fail to enroll at SSF within November 26.

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