SC determined Rs 21.1 billion as the remaining tax liability for Ncell

SC determined Rs 21.1 billion as the remaining tax liability for Ncell

Today the Nepal-India border security meeting commenced in Pokhara. The meeting continued on controlling cross-border crime, preventing weapons smuggling, and preventing drugs and human trafficking.

APF Spokesperson DIG Suraj Kumar Shrestha said the meeting not only shared the experience of working collectively at the border but also discussed the exchange of training programs among security agencies of the two countries.

The meeting will end in Kathmandu on November 22.
Following the conclusion of the first phase of the meeting, the joint team visited many places of Pokhara.

After the subsequent observation of APF’s Training Centre in Kurintar, the joint team will reach Kathmandu tomorrow.

The subjects that figured in the meeting have been notified to the home ministries of both the countries. DIG Shrestha stated that they would minute the points considering the Ministry of both the countries send the agendas discussed in the meet. APF Chief Sailendra Khanal had made the agendas on behalf of Nepal and submitted them to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Nepali delegation was headed by APF IG Sailendra Khanal while the delegation from India was headed by SSB General Director Kumar Rajesh Chandra.

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