Save the Girl Child Campaign

Save the Girl Child Campaign

This year the kid Protection Campaign – Save the Girl Child has come into being in Surkhet, when finding success in Dailekh in 2018. The campaign aims to teach the lady kid on sexual violence and rape and boost their confidence.

According to Save the lady kid Campaign arranger Sajana Sunar, the drive that received sensible response across numerous communities and colleges of Dailekh has been started in Surkhet.

VSO-ICS – a non-government organization is going to be supporting the campaign, which can be extended in communities and colleges across all the 9 native levels within the district.

The campaign will give lady kids with legal data, conducive to lesser incidents of sexual violence, aforesaid Sunar with confidence.

Sunar educated that the campaign has already started in Birendranagar Municipality’s Ward-I. “The campaign is going to be scaled up in different areas as per the requirement,”


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