Rahul Gandhi says “I Love Modi” and the crowd erupts PM’s name!

Rahul Gandhi says “I Love Modi” and the crowd erupts PM’s name!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name was chanted at an event organized for Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Maharashtra’s Pune on Friday.
Mr. Gandhi, during a conversation with the students of different institutions, stated, “I love Modi; truly do not have hatred or rage towards the man. He has anger towards me.”

Hearing this, a few students started chanting “Modi, Modi”.

“No problem ,” Mr. Gandhi replied as the students persisted to chant the Prime Minister’s name.

After the event, he tweeted, “Hatred is cowardice. I don’t care in case the entire world is full of hatred. I am not a coward. I will not hide behind hate and anger. I love all living beings, including those temporarily blinded by hatred.”

At the Pune interaction with students, the Congress chief was asked questions ranging from the state of the economic conditions, joblessness, demonetisation, NYAY scheme and then a number of personal life questions related to his biopic, sister Priyanka Vadra and memories with his grandmother Indira Gandhi.

The occasion was one of the numerous interactions Rahul Gandhi has lined up as a part of his campaign for the national election that starts next week.


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