Province 3 members split over Kashmir dispute

Province 3 members split over Kashmir dispute

Province 3 members are split over the federal government’s position on the Kashmir matter.

Opposition lawmakers essentially describing the Nepali Congress and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party censured the government for not defending the current Indian progress on Kashmir whereas the ruling Nepal Communist Party lawmakers supported the federal government for practicing a neutral position on the matter.

NC’s provincial lawmaker Narottam Baidya blamed the ruling party of utilizing double standards on the matter stating that the NCP’s position would have been different if it was in the opposition.

“Although our country is small in size we never accepted British colonialism so we are now a sovereign nation,” stated Baidya.

Baidya added, “When it comes to the Kashmir issue, the government always says it is closely watching the situation. How long it keeps watching the situation?”

Srijana Sanyaju, a lawmaker of NMKP, told, “India is becoming dominant in South Asian politics but the government is inviting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the chief guest of the upcoming Constitution Day function.”

Sanyaju said, “Not speaking against the injustice of Kashmir is accepting expansionism, monopoly and fascism demonstrated by Modi government.”

Rameshwar Phuyal, the ruling NCP stated, The government is firm on its policy and will act as per need of time.”

Removal of Article 370 Indian government has stopped all means of communications and barred the people from visiting Kashmir and many politicians are under house arrest.


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