Portfolio problem Unification Process Continues to be delayed

Portfolio problem Unification Process Continues to be delayed

A secretariat conference of the ruling Nepal Communist Party ( NCP ) kept on Monday failed to get any discovery in deciding on the leadership in the party’s primary central respective authorities, councils, and divisions because of portfolio issues.

The secretariat conference of NCP kept today at Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s standard residence in Baluwatar was anticipated to finalize leadership on primary party authorities, councils, and departments. Previously, the secretariat meeting was postponed twice.

NCP spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha said that Monday’s secretariat meeting concentrated panel discussions on the integration of the party are all central government bodies, including the councils and departments and separation of works and responsibilities of all party central members.

Shrestha declared that the meeting had chosen to hold the next conference on August 13 to finalize the outstanding unification method and division of works and duties of the leaders.

“The meeting has chosen to prepare a managed and enhanced proposal regarding the unification process and division of works and duties of the leaders by requesting them and keeping discussions on their interest and priorities,” Shrestha said.

He said that a better proposal would be well prepared before the next meeting to conclude the integration of Central Advisory Committee, National Council, central commissions, central divisions and peoples organizations and partitions of works and responsibilities of the leaders.
Previously on June 21, the secretariat gathering of NCP had final the leadership in 77 geographic regions and six metropolitan committees.

It is declared that claim for the high post in the party’s school division by the masters of former CPN UML along with the Maoist Centre continues to be a thorny problem to forge contract on work separation of the masters.


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