PM Oli to revisit Singapore for drug dose adjustment

PM Oli to revisit Singapore for drug dose adjustment

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli will be revisiting Singapore for a medicine dose adjustment in a week.

Oli underwent kidney transplant surgery 12 years ago and is on kidney enhancement drug therapy. According to a source, Doctors in Singapore have given him new medicines for enhancing kidney function. The PM had a headache, which could be a side effect of the medicine.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli

The PM did not hold a press conference after he returned from Singapore neither did the hospital issue any update on his health.

The PM fell ill which resulted in the cancellation of his appointments and participation in some programs, including the party’s secretariat meeting.

Oli had undergone treatment at the Singapore-based hospital where he was treated for swelling in his right hand in 2014. While he was in Singapore, doctors had advised him to stay there for another week, but he wanted to return as he had a busy schedule. Doctors also suggested that the PM should visit again when he could spare more time.


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