PM-led Co-ordination Council to address issues among tiers of govt

PM-led Co-ordination Council to address issues among tiers of govt
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The Workplace of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, which is likely to apply the Centre, Province and Regional Level Coordination Bill at the Parliamentary Secretariat in several days. The bill provisions a prime minister-led Co-ordination Council to solve issues.

Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Actions Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal today declared the bill was offered by the government on the basis of Article 235 of the constitution.

The Article states that the federal Parliament shall create necessary laws to manage coordination between the federation, province and regional levels. It explains that the Provincial Assembly may manage coordination between the province and village bodies or municipalities and settle political disputes that arise in coordination with the worried village body; municipality and also district coordination committee.

Minister Dhakal declared the PM-led CC will probably resolve the issue between government tiers. The CC will comprise representation of house, financial and law ministers from the central government, the seven chief ministers of provinces and representatives of three local bodies associations, namely, the National Association of Non-urban municipalities, Municipal Association of Nepal and Association of Metropolitan Municipalities.

The bill provisions that the CC conference will be organized at least once a year, declared Minister Dhakal. “If the three tiers of government meet frequently, they can share their issues and share thoughts,” he said, adding that this would reduce tension between the three tiers.

The members of the committee can be expanded as needed, said Dhakal. He also explained that the central government would hold conferences with provinces on April 25 and 26 to discuss problems related to coordination with the central government along with the other inputs for the budget.

This past year, the provinces had criticized the central government for not keeping the discussion with them before showing the budget.


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