People protest against job notice from FPSCS

People protest against job notice from FPSCS

People representing indigenous nationalities staged a protest at Maitighar Mandala, demanding that the vacancy announcement to recruit civil servants for local levels should be scrapped.

The Federal Public Service Commission had published a public notice to hire 9,161 staffers at local levels on May 29. This move was criticized for not following the constitutional provision of proportional inclusion.

Various Tarai-based parties, Province 2 government, and rights activists had vehemently criticized it saying that it was against the spirit of the constitution.

Article 227 of the constitution states that matters related to employees of local bodies, village councils and municipalities should be governed by the provincial laws.

Addressing the protesters at Maitighar, a lawmaker from Samajbadi Party-Nepal Rajendra Prasad Shrestha said that the government had failed to honor the contribution made by the marginalized and minorities for major political changes in the country.

The people also said FPSC had not allocated enough quotas for all the clusters that qualify for reservation. Prior to FPSC’s job advertisement, local bodies across the country had requested it to hire 14,662 employees for them to run their offices. Following the request, the commission had started the process to hire 9,161 employees at local levels.

Activists also said that the quota for the indigenous community was reduced by 53 percent, the quota for Dalits by 92 percent, quota for people with disabilities by 98 percent, and quota for people from remote areas were reduced by 99 percent.


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