Pashupatinath temple owns 9.276 kg of gold!

Pashupatinath temple owns 9.276 kg of gold!

In recent government, the report said that the well-known Pashupatinath temple owns 9 .276 kg of gold and NPR 1 .3 billion in funds.

The information, spanning 10 months, was collected and made public by a committee made especially by the government to investigate the assets owned by the spiritual center.

After evaluating Pashupati Area Development Trust’s ( PADT ) data, the government committee concluded that the temple owned a minimum of NPR 1 .3 billion in cash, which was deposited in banks.


The temple also has unmovable property such as land, rest houses, and temple stalls. There are also three offices, extended across an area of 9994 .14 hectares of land ( under PADT).

Apart from, it has a record of utensils in the ‘Bombe Treasury’ and assets from the various guthis that are kept in the temple’s main treasury.


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