Parliamentary panel considers Ncell case

Parliamentary panel considers Ncell case

A parliamentary panel has chosen to study all new court judgments related to the controversial capital gains tax case to be paid by telecommunication firm Ncell, following questions from several areas following the court revoked the tax levy by the Large Taxpayers Office (LTO) two weeks ago.

On Friday the Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee of Parliament chose to consider the decisions including the decisions and orders from the several courts beginning from December 2017 to August 26, 2019, on the issue.

The decision appears in the track of the court system to cancel a decision of the LTO to force Rs 39 billion Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to be paid by the largest private telecom firm Ncell for transfer of its control. Lawmaker Sanjay Gautam of the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) suggested considering the court rulings on Ncell tax issue referring questions from the public and stakeholders on the issue.

Committee Chairperson Krishna Bhakta Pokharel stated that the panel will also discuss with the legal experts about technical and legal features of the court rulings before beginning the task.

Lawmakers stated they will consult with the stakeholders about whether the jury could support its report to any bodies for bringing the attention of the court.

“Former justices and legal experts have been questioning the court decisions at public forums. We should study the court decisions after consulting the experts,” stated NC lawmaker Min Bishwakarma.

The parliamentary panel doesn’t have any authority to write to the court seeking its decisions.

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