Parliamentarians dissolve the MP and discuss in a week

Parliamentarians dissolve the MP and discuss in a week

Communications and Information Technology Minister Gokul Baskota has made the Parliament.

During the publication of the choice of the Council of Ministers last year, Minister Bisco, who joined the feudal system with the feudal system, believed that he did not. He has rescued himself in the house after criticism with the expression expressed by the Minister of Biochemical.

After the dissolution protesting against the expression of the banquet, Minister Bais Kota believed that he should not speak a lot in the Parliament meeting on Friday. He was out of fact and he had a lie against himself. Last week, he had declared, ‘Should we end the feudalism?’ On Friday, he covered his speech and was quoted on the objection to his expression.

“The allegation is found to be challenging,” Chhattisgarh, who believed that the word ‘turtle’ does not speak, is challenging the MPs. It’s important to confirm. ‘

Last week, he said, “Ending the gourmetism was a lot of naughty, harmful, Halia practices, lottery practices, a lot of practices which represented economic and social and political characterism of socialism. We are destroying it. ‘

The Nepali Congress MP, Dila Mulula, requested the commentary of Gyshka’s performance as Minister of Socialist. Baskota replied to the museum, saying, ‘Some remains of feudalism might be in the society. But, free up the illusion that Creamer Humor creates and said that what is not said, threatening the water with it can be killed.

If the authenticity is confirmed, then he will answer questions at that time. He said, ‘make the molehills.’ There is an illusion that the air has not been used to operate dry air, it has some political advantages. The world should not think of eye-shining by touching your eyes. Only the eyes that he shrinked seem to be dark.


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