One dies, four injured as the bomb explodes in Dangadhi

One dies, four injured as the bomb explodes in Dangadhi

A man who was among the five who were injured in a bomb explosion at a local hotel near Shahid Gate in Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City-4 has succumbed to his injuries.

District Police Office, Kailali has verified that Ram Singh who was admitted to Maya Metro Hospital in Dhangadhi died at 11:15 pm on Thursday.

According to the police, Singh, who was carrying the bomb, got severely injured because of the explosion. Health personnel at the hospital had referred Singh to another hospital. However, he lost his life due to lack of time, the police informed.

Meanwhile, others injured, Laxman Sarela, Mobin Khan, Jitendra Yadav, and Keshav Raj Pandey, are under treatment in Maya Metro Hospital.

The police are suspecting the involvement of Biplav group in the explosion. Singh and Laxman Sarela of Belauri-5, Kanchanpur are suspected to be cadres of Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ led Communist Party of Nepal.

According to Sudeep Giri, Superintendent of Police at District Police Office, Kailali, the remains of a tiffin box was found at the explosion site. Police suspect that Biplav cadres were hiding the explosive device inside the tiffin box.

Police have also recovered a 9mm Chinese pistol from the incident site. Kailali police suspect that the bomb must have gone off accidentally before the implementation of the plan.


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