New guideline drafted by MoFAGA

New guideline drafted by MoFAGA

A guideline for performance evaluation of civil servants has been developed by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and has been recently adjusted in provincial and local levels.

The MoFAGA has said that the guideline has been formed to make performance evaluation procedure of the employees objective and empirical. According to the guideline, performance evaluation of the adjusted employees will be conducted on the basis of progress made by the concerned civil servants.

It has been made mandatory by the government for all the ministries and their subordinate departments to conclude performance contract with employees ranking from gazetted third class to first class.

The guideline had stated that performance evaluation of the employees will be based on the improvement made in service delivery, innovative work, the status of capital expenditure and approved budget and program, arrears settlement and financial discipline, compared to the last fiscal. There will also be a review in provincial and local levels to ensure that the supervisor of the concerned office has carried out performance evaluation of their employees in an objective manner.


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