Nepal’s Two Parties Combine To Form Completely new ‘Samajwadi Party Nepal’

Nepal’s Two Parties Combine To Form Completely new ‘Samajwadi Party Nepal’
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Nepal’s taking over Federal Socialist Forum and opponent Naya Shakti Party on Monday formally combined to form the Samajwadi Party Nepal, the country’s third biggest party, two months right after they initially agreed on the unification.

Deputy Prime Minister Upedrna Yadav-Led Madhesh dependent Federal Socialist Forum Nepal and previous Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattrai-Led Naya Shakti Party have formally merged today.

Previously Party president of FSFN, additionally the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Populace, Upendra Yadav and Coordinator of Naya Shakti Nepal, Ex-prime minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai authorized an agreement Saturday to unify their parties.

Yadav and Dr. Bhattrai made joint press note on Saturday, stating that they would formally announce forming the new party on today.
The unification became possible after two months of intense settlement between party chair Yadav and Dr. Bhattrai.
Deputy Prime Minister Yadav and former prime minister Dr. Bhattrai both are influenced and guarded by southern neighbor Indian mainstream.


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