Nepal’s Lawmakers Advise Making Forests Basis for Economic Growth

Nepal’s Lawmakers Advise Making Forests Basis for Economic Growth
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Lawmakers have stressed the requirement for paving ways for economic growth making forests as the basis for economic profit. Taking part in a conversation on different headings of the Ministry of Forest and Environment under the Appropriation Bill-2076 in today’s conference of the House of Representatives, they laid emphasis on making forest the income source in reference to the campaign ‘Green forests are Nepal’s wealth’ released a long time ago.

They declared that horticulture, as well as industrial farming of herbs and medicinal plants, could be done inside the forests, attaching that there would be a marked improvement in people’s living standard and state could take benefit from it. The lawmakers also recommended the government allocate sufficient amount of budget in the forest sector as the forest would come to be the basis of prosperity if the government implemented programs which links the citizen.

There was no alternative to moving ahead with the use of forests at a time when the data has been released that out of the total area of the country, 44 percent is forest area.


On the event, lawmaker Bimala BK declared that people from the preservation area have been facing issue due to conflict between humans and wildlife and stressed the need for taking the initiative to resolve it.

Likewise, Hit Bahadur Tamang said that the government has allocated budget for coming fiscal year 2019/20 keeping forest industry in special priority. He stressed that the Forest and Environment Ministry should prepare a plan, program, and budget to pay attention in order to utilize timber.

Similarly, Bharat Kumar Shah stressed on implementing ‘Green forests are Nepal’s wealth’ slogan into practice and support and collaboration of all were needed on it. He also urged the ministry to forward an effective program to control forest fire and deforestation.

Lawmaker Prem Prasad Tulachan required that the government make Mustang pocket zone of apple by managing the budget to help grow apple on countless hectares of barren lands in the district. “There is a necessity to increase the budget to grow apple in Mustang which is favorable for its production,” he declared.

Hira Gurung criticized the budget as tilting towards uplifting the living specifications of only a section of women under the ‘President Women Upliftment Programme’. Laxmi Kumari Chaudhary saw that a trend of rewarding those marketing organic farming be established, and required an end to middle persons’ intervention in the sale of farming products while depriving farmers of their actual labour prices.

Similarly, Gyan Kumari Chhanyal shielded the budget whilst demanding additional budget to open an additional four cold stores in four municipalities of Baglung district.

The House of Representatives are going to next meet at 11:00 am tomorrow.


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