Nepal’s at first Nano Satellite Orbit Is Ready to Get Deployed Today

Nepal’s at first Nano Satellite Orbit Is Ready to Get Deployed Today

Nepal’s first nano-satellite created by two Nepali scientists is going to be deployed in the earth orbit on Monday.

A Japanese specialized expert Fumiaki Tanigaki from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has arrived in Nepal to handle all the necessary things to live telecast NepaliSat-1 orbiting the world, said Rosha Panday, behaving chief of Faculty of Technology of National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).

Some five TV channels are going to telecast live the NepaliSat-1 orbiting the earth and NAST has also managed to public viewing plan at the office, he said.

Panday further declared that the Nepali satellite is being deployed for orbiting along with Japanese and Sri-Lankan satellites.

The time for the deployment of the satellite has not been set but it may be deployed between 3 to 4 pm on Monday, he declared.

The satellite was released from the rocket-launch site in Virginia of the USA on April 17 into the outer space.

NepaliSat-1, which effectively connected to the International Space Station (ISS), was stationed at the lower earth orbit at 3 .13 pm on April 20.

The satellite will be sending photographs after it begins orbiting the earth.

Life of this Nepalisat-1 is three years. The satellite, once put in its orbit, will take 90 minutes to go around the earth. It will be visible in Nepal’s sky for 5 to 8 minutes every day, he said.


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