Nepalis can travel to India with no restrictions

Nepalis can travel to India with no restrictions

On Thursday, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu made it obvious that travel of Nepali citizens to India, both by flights or by any land routes will not have any impact.

On Thursday, publishing a press announcement, the Embassy said that the current travel methods for Nepali citizens will, in other information, continue unchanged.

After the Indian government forced constraints on an entry in India as all suspending the visas. These actions can be continuously evaluated depending on the evolving circumstances, as per the Embassy.

“However, there will be intensified health inspections at all entry points and any traveller, Indian, Nepalese or from third countries presenting COVID-19 symptoms or with recent travel history to one of seven COVID-19 outbreak countries- China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain and Germany may be subject to quarantine if so required,” reads the statement.

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