Nepali embassy in Thailand under scrutiny

Nepali embassy in Thailand under scrutiny

The role of Nepali Embassy in Thailand has been questioned for brokering a ‘pre-emptive deal’ between 10 Nepali students who are stranded in Bangkok, and Sunil Khadka and Sujan Basnet, who took them to Bangkok for a hotel management course by charging Rs 4 lakh from each of them.

Bag Bazaar based Kritipur Broad Studies had sent the students, including two girls, to Bangkok-based International Hotel and Airline Business School in two batches, first four months ago and another two months ago.

According to the school’s website, Khadka is its managing director, Basnet its director and Thai national Siriwuth Wuthisuwanwat its president.

They said in the video which is available on the Facebook page of Non-resident Nepali Association Thailand, that the school neither provided them with training nor internship. The school did not even have the necessary equipment.

They added that their passports were seized and they were housed in a pig pen like accommodation which did not have an emergency exit. They did not have money for food and there were no medical facilities.

Dhakal said that the embassy’s first responsibility was to rescue and send back the students facing problems.

“Action will be taken as per the law if anyone is found guilty after investigation,” he said. He added that both the parties had already reached an agreement and the embassy has witnessed its signing. He said both the parties were content with the agreement.


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