Nepali embassies show irregularities

Nepali embassies show irregularities

Financial and administrative irregularities have been found in Nepali embassies by a parliamentary team which was deployed to monitor and observe the activities.

The monitoring had been carried out in Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Oman from 24th June to 4th July. The team monitored the management of funds and human resources, allocation of budget and infrastructure.

Bharat Kumar Shah, Chair of the committee, led the team and was joined by Roj Nath Pandey and Tej Bahadu Chhetri.

Apart from 2013 built Embassy in Oman, all other embassies are operating inappropriately. A detailed observation report of all five missions is being prepared by the team and Roj Nath Pandey has said that it will soon be in public.


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