Nepal Youths Strikes against Global Climate Change

Nepal Youths Strikes against Global Climate Change

Millions of people this week led to the streets over the globe as a part of the Global Climate Strike, obliging effort to fight climate change and its adverse results. People in Nepal in Kathmandu Valley were too seen on the streets, showing solidarity with the movement created by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and backed by millions of people from as over 150 countries.

The last day of the strike week about four such events were created in Kathmandu by youths, who gathered with posters, banners, and slogans regarding protecting the planet, the consequences of global warming and urging the government to act.

Nepal is of the several weak nations to the results of climate change. The outcomes of climate change are presently being analyzed in Nepal, where severe weather conditions and iceberg melt have developed these days.

The global campaign has been obliging determined climate actions like limiting carbon emissions, putting an ending to fossil fuel depletion, and tackling climate change as a ‘climate crisis’, most members in Nepal’s climate strike recommended that the government should be taking care of garbage, managing pollution, and increasing recycling.

Many think that the idea of the strike is not just to direct concrete action but also to increase awareness.

The government has lately composed a climate change strategy which strives to deliver the nation more flexible to climate change. It is also serving on planning a National Adaptation Plan, an international force for nations exposed to climate change. Some non-governmental agencies are operating in several districts to assist people to modify to climate change, helping them on alternative livelihood and farming techniques.

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