Nepal worried about warnings in Indian Ocean region, states Gyawali

Nepal worried about warnings in Indian Ocean region, states Gyawali

Nepal uttered a concerned regarding a host of defense threats that embrace piracy, marine terrorism, climate change, illicit trafficking of drugs and weapons, human trafficking and natural disasters, facing countries in the Indian Ocean region.

Addressing the Fourth Indian Ocean conference being held in Male, the capital city of Maldives, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that many of these challenges have rigorously affected countries in the Indian Ocean region.

According to him, island nations in the region were confronting an existential menace due to weather variation and the consistent increase of sea level.

Unseasonal abundant rainfall resulting in flood and landslide has been knocking countries including Nepal each year, exerting a huge toll on lives and property, induced by the phenomena of global warming.
Minister Gyawali said that in this context, it is appropriate to pursue collective action by countries directly or indirectly linked to the Indian Ocean, to address these challenges. Maritime security of the Indian Ocean should be given a due priority by governments concerned of all the countries in the region.

It is essential to note that existing multilateral and regional bodies Indian Ocean Rim Association, ASEAN Regional Forum, and East Asia Summit have all prioritized assistance in maritime security and protection, trade and investment facilitation, and disaster risk management.

According to Gyawali in the South Asian region, events such as this conference will establish contributory in forging assistance concerning establishing the security of the region.

In the text of his speech delivered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said that Nepal considers that the rights of investigation, research, and utilization of resources of the Indian Ocean can only be performed when there are peace and protection in the region. It also holds that maritime security will proceed to play a significant role in establishing the blue economy, profiting all the countries concerned.
Minister Gyawali said that he is confident that such settlements would assure exploration, navigation, and utilization of marine resources, sharing the advantages and use of high seas to all countries, including Nepal.

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