Nepal Tourism Corporation 2018: USD 2 .1 Bn Income, 1 Mn Jobs

Nepal Tourism Corporation 2018: USD 2 .1 Bn Income, 1 Mn Jobs

Based on the World Travel and Tourism Council’s annual analysis report, Nepal’s tourism sector produced revenue of NPR 240 .7 billion and supported over 1 .05 million jobs instantly and indirectly in 2018. 

The organization declared that the country’s travel and tourism contributed to 7 .9 percent of its GDP last year, up from 3 .6 percent. The overall contribution of Nepal’s travel and tourism industry to its GDP was NPR 195 billion. 

These statistics shed light on the volume of economic activity produced by industries such as airlines, travel agencies, other transport services resorts, leisure industries, and restaurants. 

Total, Nepal’s travel, and tourism industry grew at 3 .9 percent, contributing a record USD 8 .8 trillion and 319 million jobs to the world economy in 2018. This development percentage is noteworthy because it is higher than the world gross domestic product development rate, for the eight years in the row.


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