Nepal to mark Gurunanak Jayanti by releasing coins and postal stamps

Nepal to mark Gurunanak Jayanti by releasing coins and postal stamps

The Nepal government will release three coins and a postal stamp which will be dedicated to the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. “With our persistent efforts, Nepal government has agreed to release Rs 100, Rs 1000 and Rs 2500 coins besides a postal stamp,” said Pritam Singh, president of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Satsang, Kupondole, Kathmandu while talking to TOI.

He said they had been conveyed that coins and postal stamp would be released ahead of Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary. The Nepal government also showed the sample coins to Sikh leadership here, he said.

The Sikh population of Nepal would be celebrating Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary in a befitting manner, he said adding that preparations for holding various functions in Kathmandu had already begun.

 During one of his journey’s Guru Nanak Dev had stayed in Kathmandu while returning from Tibet. The then king had given around 200 acres of land which was still in the name of Guru Nanak Dev.

“Unfortunately now only about 4 acres of land is left and in the year 1965 we had to make a boundary wall around the land”, Singh stated.

“There is a gaddi system and presently 32nd mahant was sitting on the gaddi”, he said. He also informed that a couple of years ago, the government had advertised to auction the Gurudwara land following which Sikhs moved the court and got the stay.

 “We have offered to spend Rs 125 crore for the renovation of historical Gurdwara, construction of 200 room Sarai, an old age home, a school, etc. that would also attract Sikh tourists to visit and pay obeisance at Gurdwara Nanak Math,” he said.


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