Nepal to begin the work of railways connecting Kathmandu with India, China

Nepal to begin the work of railways connecting Kathmandu with India, China
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President Bidhya Devi Bhandari on Friday declared that Nepal is preparing to start construction of railways connecting Kathmandu with India and China within 2 years.

“The Complete Project Records of Birgunj-Kathmandu and Rasuwagadhi-Kathmandu railways, linking Kathmandu to both India and China by railways, could be prepared and construction works are going to be started within two years,” declared Bhandari, while looking at out the government’s priorities for coming years on Friday at the Parliament.

The President also suggested the Parliament that the first trans-border railway between Nepal and India will be prepared in the upcoming fiscal year.

“Railway service could be made operational within the subsequent fiscal year at Jayanagar- Bijalpura and from Bathnaha, India to Biratnagar. The development of the railway at Bijalpura-Bardibas section will be completed,” she added.

The Nepal authorities declared that the completion of specialized studies for the construction of railways connecting both the neighboring nations has been finished in collaboration with the two concerned countries.

Aside from the rail connectivity, the President additionally unveiled the plan for producing nearly 500, 000 employment possibilities in the upcoming fiscal year.

The Nepal government can be closely working to use the Gautam Buddha Airport by 2019 and also Pokhara International Airport by 2021.

Talking about the increased economic growth rate in the past two fiscal years, the President, even more, noted that the base for the double-digit financial growth has been laid on.

“Encouraging outcomes are seen from the execution of the economic policies of my Government. Over six percent development within the last two years and seven percent development this year has laid a basis for double-digit growth. Increment of 27 percent in national savings has produced a solid base for budget formation in the country,” the President declared.


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