Nepal to add Yoga education and learning in the school curriculum

Nepal to add Yoga education and learning in the school curriculum

The planning of the new school curriculum including yoga education is practically in the final stage, the Nepali Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel stated here on Friday.

Addressing the fifth International Yoga Day events in Kathmandu, Pokharel said the government is revising the school curriculum to make it more efficient and to contribute to public health.

“Considering the high importance, we include subjects like yoga, Ayurveda, medicinal herbs and natural therapy in the school curriculum,” Pokharel said.

The ministry is planning to teach these subjects to students from Grade 8 to 12 and the subjects will be taught in a three-year diploma course under the Institute Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training.

Yoga, which has been getting wide popularity in Nepal, is regarded as an invaluable gift as an ancient culture and an essential element for a healthy and well-balanced life.

Because the United Nations recognized June 21 as the international Yoga Day in 2014, Nepal has also been honoring this festival by organizing various programs and yoga sessions.

Addressing an event structured by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in the capital, Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli declared that yoga and meditation are the methods to fight growing anger and hatred in the world.

“People are suffering from greed, violence, and selfishness in today’s world. To free from such negativity and to reach a balanced mental state, yoga and meditation are the options,” the prime minister said.

Talking about the creation of yoga in the Himalayas thousands of years ago by sages, he declared that Nepal can establish an international meditation center in the future.

The prime minister declared that there is no place in the world can understand meditation better than the Himalayas because of its pristine and sacred water, air and environment.

On the event, a few hundred participants from different walks of life performed numerous yoga postures following the instruction of renowned Yoga gurus from Nepal. The demonstration included the common yoga protocol like neck bending, body stretching, and several striking body postures.

Even though there are no specific statistics, based on the instructors, most of the yoga followers in Nepal are women. They gather in local yoga centers and open spaces every morning for an hour and practice different postures. Some have been suffering from numerous health problems such as gastritis, diabetes and other ailments, they regard yoga as a perfect medium to stay healthy.


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