Nepal Showcases a Virtual Art Exhibition During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nepal Showcases a Virtual Art Exhibition During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In Nepal on May 14, there was a virtual art exhibition by artists expressing the Covid-19 outbreak. The title of the show was ‘Tangential Stress’ which was sorted out by the Museum of Nepali Art (MoNA).

At the virtual art exhibition, one of the paintings by Ranju Yadav, depicted a pregnant woman, shielding her womb with her hands. Sangeeta Thapa, chief of Siddhartha Art Gallery expressed that it felt like the painting was portraying the pandemic that could end up being threatening to pregnant women. The art community has suffered gravely during many crises, she expressed.

Amid the nationwide lockdown, the art fraternity has canceled all exhibitions or either postponed it. The virtual exhibition titled ‘Tangential Stress‘ is one of the few initiatives that are keeping Nepal’s art community hopeful.

Thapa included that the Nepali art community had just barely started to gather some strength following the massive earthquake and now they are facing the challenge of coronavirus. 

As the Covid-19 spreads over the globe, social distancing has become the norm for daily life, however, get-togethers and networking keeps the art community flourishing. What’s more, even after the lockdown is lifted, it is far-fetched that things will come back to normal for artists, she added. 

Without any shows and sales, numerous art galleries might close down as amid the pandemic art is not a necessity.

Rajan Sakya, an art collector, and CEO of KGH Group stated that around the globe, Nepal is recognized for its traditional art and handicrafts and activities like virtual art exhibitions will bring art investment in Nepal and it will be a source of encouragement for many artists, he added. 

Sakya’s new ambitious project is the only contemporary art museum in Nepal and amidst the lockdown, plans for a gallery and future investments have been postponed.

At MoNA’s virtual exhibition, one artwork by Bhairaj Maharjan displays a kid wearing a face mask standing outside his house, with a notice that reads, “Aama le noon kinna pathaunu bhayeko” (My mom sent me to purchase salt).

Maharjan explained that he needed to illuminate the truth of society utilizing art and feature how individuals are battling Covid-19.

Yadav’s ‘Pregnancy during Pandemic‘ was also a piece of art in the virtual exhibition. The thought behind the painting was to express what people are experiencing during coronavirus pandemic.

For many years, there have been discussions about the disparity amid Nepali contemporary art and people in general. However, presently the new move of artists taking their paintings online will surely bring a change. The virtual display that MoNA is doing is excellent, Sharareh Bajracharya, director of Srijanalaya and art educator stated.

Article CreditThe Kathmandu Post


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