Nepal Pharma and Health Expo starts

Nepal Pharma and Health Expo starts

Seventh Nepal Pharma and Health Expo 2019 has kicked off in Chitwan’s Bharatpur today.

The three-day expo that is being organised by Nepal Drugs’ Producers’ Association was inaugurated by Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Yadav.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Yadav stressed out on the importance of the country to become self-reliant in the production of life saving drugs.

“Nepal could be independent in drugs production if all of us, including the government and private entrepreneurs, come together for the same,” the minister claimed.

“In fact I’m pleased to inaugurate this expo which has emerged as a platform for exchanging ideas and technology and learning that we export our medications to other nations,” claimed the minister, conveying the government eagerness to help out the drugs producers.

“Let’s stop wasting our productive energy on unproductive agitations and also concentrate on production; the government is prepared to provide priority to domestic entrepreneurs in this sector,” Yadav stated, including the government was capable to make the official process trouble-free if needed.

Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries Vice-chairperson Umeshraj Shrestha, but, accused the government of failing to give enough attention to the medicine production sector.

“As the country is still to get rid of the old industrialized policy, the same has been the biggest obstacle to the healthy growth of medicine-producing companies. Hence there must be changes as per the time,” he claimed.

Other speakers also spoke on the occasion. Nepal has a total of 99 industries which includes 57 allopathic drug producing companies and 42 ayurvedic drugs producing companies. Allopathic and ayurvedic medicines price around Rs 41 billion is consumed in Nepal annually.


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