Nepal National Dance Fiesta 2019

Nepal National Dance Fiesta 2019

National Dance Fiesta 2019 arranged at Rashtriya Nachghar, Jamal on Monday. Numerous forms of dance actions by seven province’s music artists were kept on the event. The event was arranged by National Academy of Music and Drama to encourage, preserve and to make overall growth and development of music and dance genres of the nation.

On the event, only adviser dances were executed at a single stage after the selection of numerous dances across the nation. Altogether, 12 types of dance forms were performed by the artists.

Charya Austamarika Devi Dance: In Austramarika party, deep reverence is demonstrated to Goddess and it is performed with tantra postures. Quite a long time ago, kings of Patan had established eight Goddesses of four directions and they worshipped to guard Patan state. Late king Shree Niwas Malla started Austamatrika Devi dance in 1720. The dance is still frequently performing during Dashain festival from Ghasthapana to Bijayadashami.

Sorathee Dance: It will be a group dance that is famous in the mid-hilly area. It is performed with the ritual prayer technique. Artists perform the part of King Jyaishange, princes, Sorathee, main head Brijbharm Bidushak and joker. It is an extremely popular folk dance of the Gurung along with of Magar community of Nepal.

Jat Jatin Dance: This dance is the most popular folk dance of Maithali local community. The song which sings during Jat Jatin dance is called “Bhumara”. Jat Jatin dance performed when the water failed to fall during monsoon season. It is believed that the rainfall after performed this party.

Raute Dance: Path, the indigenous team lived in far-western and mid-western’s Dailekha, Humla, Jumla, and Karnali district’s jungle. The Raute dance is carried out by making a circle with the drummers and a lead singer. Tree chopping and make wood pots are the main company of them. They eat white monkey.


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