Nepal, Mauritius Sign Welcoming Labor Contract, Nepali Labor to Get Equal Pay

Nepal, Mauritius Sign Welcoming Labor Contract, Nepali Labor to Get Equal Pay
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Landing an additional milestone deal, Nepal signed a labor pact with Mauritius to facilitate the flow of Nepali migrant employees to the island country on June 11, 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Nepal Minister for Work, Employment and Social Security ( MoLESS ) Gokarna Bista and Mauritius Minister for Labor, Industrial Relations, Employment, and Training Soodesh Satkam Callichurn authorized the pact on the sidelines of the International Labor Organization’s ( ILO ) 100th anniversary. 

Provisions of the Nepal, Mauritius Labor Contract 

According to the labor agreement, Nepali migrant laborers in Mauritius is going to be employed in the hospitality, hotel and manufacturing sectors. 

Recruited persons will get the very least wage equal to that of Mauritians, which is about USD 240. No worker will be discriminated depending on wages, compensation, job environment, overtime and access to justice. 

Moreover, Mauritius employers will incur all the travel and other costs of Nepali employees under ‘Employer Pays Principle’. This consists of fees to recruitment agencies, travel expenses, work permits, insurance policy fees, medical expenses and other expenses incurred throughout the recruitment process. 

Similarly, the employer will also bear expenditures in the event of death and repatriation of the body & last rites involved, with the permission of deceased persons’ families. 

The MoU also says that workers have the right to judicial remedy at ‘no cost’, together with allowing them to apply for a visa and get temporary employment even when a case is sub judice – under judicial consideration but prohibited from public discussion. 


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