Nepal is all set to the World Cup

Nepal is all set to the World Cup

Pesapallo made its venture in Nepal over two years ago. But in that short time, the game has set the nation at a global level.

Nepal is presently preparing to take a role in 10th Pesapallo World Cup, to be held in Pune, India, from November 26 to 30. Thirteen players have been asked for a private camp practice in Bahundangi in Jhapa as a portion of their preparations for the World Cup. A trainer from Finland has been training the team in the camp. Twelve countries along with Nepal are participating in the world cup.

“Pesapallo has established itself during a short period in Nepal,” said Pesapallo Association Nepal President Paras Mani Dahal. “But due to government apathy, the expected results have not been achieved in our country,” he said. Dahal said the game started in Nepal from 2018. The little-known game is yet to be recognized by the National Sports Council. “We have received no objection letter from the Nepal Olympic Committee. We have registered the Association at the District Administration Office in Kathmandu,” said Dahal.

Dahal stated the lack of interest from the state has also hindered their preparations. He stated they have received about Rs 1.5 million from the office-bearers and have been consuming that result in the team’s preparation.

“Our preparations would have been much better if the government had helped us. The low budget has restricted our preparations,” stated Dahal.

Nepal’s Pesapallo team had secured second place in the Asian Pesapallo Championship in Dhaka 2018. Pesapallo Asian Committee vice president Prasant Dahal stated they had tried to assign players to take part in that competition. “We could have improved on our position had there been sufficient funds for preparations,” he stated.

Nepal’s Finn coach Miko admired Nepal’s success in the sport despite taking up the sport only a few years earlier.
“I see a bright future of Pesapallo in Nepal. Players are hard-working and enthusiastic. That is a good sign,” stated the Finnish coach.

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