Nepal-India Direction Functional mechanism Meet Summaries

Nepal-India Direction Functional mechanism Meet Summaries

The seventh conference of the Nepal-India Oversight Functional mechanism was kept in Kathmandu on Monday to evaluate the progress of the tasks under bilateral cooperation.

The conference was co-chaired by Overseas Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi as well as Ambassador of India to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri, the Ministry of International Affairs stated in a statement.

The conference evaluated the position of implementation of all on-going bilateral talks between Nepal and India in the regions of cross-border rails, petroleum pipelines, roads, integrated check posts, bridges, power, irrigation, inundation, farming, and post-earthquake reconstruction, and others.

Each side decided to address the issues and obstacles for the soft implementation of the projects. Additionally, they agreed to expedite works in order for earlier completion of the tasks.

The Nepal-India Oversight Mechanism was begun after the State visit to India by the Prime Minister of Nepal in September 2016 to manage the implementation of bilateral tasks and take needed steps for their completion in time.

The eighth conference of the mechanism is going to take place on a mutually convenient day.


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