Nepal government to focus on nutrition criteria by conducting a global conference

Nepal government to focus on nutrition criteria by conducting a global conference

Nepal government to conduct a global meeting in the capital from November 4 to 7, welcoming about 1,000 delegates of 80 nations in a request to meet the nutrition criteria.

The government to co-host the event with the assistance of global movement termed Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), of which Nepal is a part of it. There are about 61 SUN member nations in the world and they have been operating collaboratively from 2010 to complete all forms of malnutrition.

The worldwide gathering will be accompanied by the administrators of state and the government, along with the leaders from UN agencies, provincial organizations, civil society, donors, and the private division. National Planning Commission, publishing a press release, said that Nepal had obtained remarkable growth in overcoming malnutrition ever since the nation entered the SUN Movement in 2011.

The event will share its efforts being done to eradicate all kinds of malnutrition, along with under-nutrition and obesity, and form new ideas and plans to battle the problems in the future.

“Good nutrition is the key to reducing inequality and eliminating poverty for everyone,” states the press release. It added that about half of all child deaths happen due to malnutrition while an inadequate diet is a principal risk factor for child death worldwide.

Nepal’s National Plan is in a list with the collection of 17 Sustainable Development Goals ratified by the UN, in special with SDG 1, abolishing poverty and SDG 2 stopping hunger and malnutrition.

The NPC declared that the global discussion would assist in achieving these goals. National Action Plan 2016-2025 has created a plan to meet the zero hunger drive.

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